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1. For the past several weeks I've been sick.  It's the same thing about once every winter (especially this dry one): a sore throat for a few days then a few weeks of phlegm.  I'm on the waning stage of phlegm, but I think there's something going on that I don't recall happening before.  In order to rid my throat of the phlegm I've been trying to cough, but I keep just missing the target phlegm and it's just air that ends up hurting the passageway.  In effect it's like trying to blow out candles on a birthday cake when the cake is sitting on a chair on the other side of the table.

2. It's been exactly three weeks since the last time I've eaten meat.  For years I've seen others example and wanted to become a vegetarian.  I don't know if this will take, but I realize that most of my diet is basically vegetarian anyway.  The only exception is really when I eat out.  So it's more slices of cheese pizza for me.

3. Having watched a few episodes of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon I've realized that the show would be slightly more enjoyable if it were on Nickelodeon in the early 90's, preferably as part of the SNICK lineup.

4. According to the Phoenix of the three movies profiled, the Disney movie is actually the least racist.  Given their description of The Blind Side, that's less surprising than I thought it would be.

5. I was encouraged by last night's State of the Union address and Republican response.  Both in the number of bipartisan ovations and the content of the response, it's clear to me that both sides of the aisle have more in common than not, in a good way.  I think if they realize it then they can maybe actually get things done.

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Maybe at some point you can guest blog on the Feast.

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