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Okay, I think these are my choices for Election Day. There's still a month and a half, so I'm malleable enough to change my mind if anyone has any compelling counter-arguments. I'd love to hear from you. Go to the link below to find your
local races in Massachusetts. That link provides information only on the local offices, so I embellished the list by adding the presidential race and the ballot initiatives.

2012 Voter Guide
MyBallot, created September 22, 2012
US President
✓ Barack Obama (Dem), President (He has earned my vote through his accomplishments, his calm cool leadership, and his reasonable demeanor. Often he appears to be the only adult in Washington DC. I'm excited to see what can be accomplished in a second term. That said, going at least as far back 2008, he's echoed John F. Kennedy's call to action wherein the former president asked us to ask what we can do for our country. Barack Obama's accomplishments will not happen in a vacuum, but will require the American people's help and good faith).
W. Mitt Romney (GOP), Governor/Executive (I think the biggest problem with Mitt Romney is not his ideology or his wealth, it's his dishonesty and cowardice. He has repeatedly been presented with situations that would allow him to demonstrate how he would act as president and he has failed every time. Whether it's condemning reprehensible remarks of his presumed surrogates, remaining opaque and evasive about his own policies, insulting to foreign leaders, condescending to those going through troubled times, and socially awkward and tone-deaf, Mr. Romney has utterly failed to comfort me in his abilities to lead our nation through tough times.)
Jill Stein (Green), Physician (While I agree with Ms. Stein on some issues ideologically, as unfair as it is, third-party candidates have to be exemplary transformative politicians in order to justify a vote. They are necessarily leaders of a movement in the same way Barack Obama was in 2008. They need to be at least as strong in terms of organization and oratory as he was then.)
Gary Johnson (Libertarian), Governor (See above.)
I may be open in the future to voting third-party, or for a split-ticket like Americans Elect advocates.

US Senator
Scott P. Brown (GOP), US senator (Scott Brown is a likeable person and I could even see myself voting for him at some point, but not now and not in a tight Senate like this.)
✓ Elizabeth A. Warren (Dem), Law professor

US Representative - Seventh District
✓ Michael E. Capuano (Dem), Member of Congress

Governor's Councilor - Third District
The Massachusetts Governor's Council, also known as the Executive Council, is composed of eight individuals elected from districts every two years, and the lieutenant governor who serves ex officio. The council meets weekly to vote on gubernatorial appointments such as judges, clerk-magistrates, public administrators, notaries, justices of the peace, and members of various boards. It also reviews warrants for the state treasury, pardons, and commutations.
Marilyn M. Petitto Devaney (Dem), Governor's councilor (Made a compelling, passionate case, but not as strong as Charles N. Shapiro's case)
Harry S. Margolis (Dem), Attorney (Not very passionate or specific)
✓ Charles N. Shapiro (Dem), Local business owner / former teacher

State Senator - Second Suffolk & Middlesex District
Steven W. Aylward (GOP), Manager, information systems
✓ William N. Brownsberger (Dem), State senator (Reading the position statements was good. I like that he'll consider a congestion tax to alleviate MBTA debt)

State Representative - Eighteenth Suffolk District
✓ Michael J. Moran (Dem)

Clerk of Supreme Judicial Court - Suffolk County
✓ Maura Doyle (Dem)

Clerk of Superior Court (Civil Business) - Suffolk County
✓ Michael L. Dash (Dem), Lawyer (there wasn't any information on Mr. Donovan, even a google search turned up little. It suggests a lack of seriousness in the campaign)
Michael Joseph Donovan (Dem)

Clerk of Superior Court (Criminal Business) - Suffolk County
This was a tough one, but there was a news article link on the guide that suggested to me that Hennigan would be better.
Robert J. Dello Russo Sr. (Dem), Former assistant clerk of court
✓ Maura A. Hennigan (Dem), Clerk of Suffolk Superior Court, Criminal Division

Register of Deeds - Suffolk District
✓ Mickey Roache (Dem), Register of Deeds - Suffolk District

Register of Probate - Suffolk County
Patricia Patty Campatelli (Dem), Statewide program supervisor, Office of Community Corrections
✓ Salvatore LaMattina (Dem), Boston city councilor (Was specific and built a case for his election)

Question 1: Availability of Motor Vehicle Repair Information
YES (We're moving toward a more transparent society, and that shift is for the better. Car information should be provided to car owners and repair shops to empower them to make their own decisions about where to get their cars repaired and how to repair them.)

Question 2: Prescribing Medication to End Life
YES (As with living wills, it's important for people to make their own decisions regarding the quality of life. I've read some of the details of the law and while I know that the six-month provision is fairly arbitrary, as such diagnoses aren't very reliable, I think there's plenty of wiggle room in the law for this to be implemented very effectively, and I expect it to be so.)

Question 3: Medical Use of Marijuana
YES (Having lived in California I lived in a world proposed by this initiative. It was not some chaotic hellhole. I advocate this initiative not out of some endorsement for a recreational marijuana use lifestyle, but because of the benefits it may provide for those in pain. I also advocate it to make its distribution safer, and the product more pure than it would be out on the street.)

For coverage of other races and candidates, visit:
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